Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is real threat, fools! But instad of watching all my trees on my new property jump back and forth like the USA Olympics gymnastics team, instead I’ve been inside being the worst storm chaser in all of the Jersey Shore.

For starters, my sister and mom won’t stop texting me the lyrics to this song:


During preparations, Patrick was making room for our cars in the garage and figuring out how much water one drinks a day to survive.

I baked.

banana bread

(He did walk in on me taking this photo and I yelled, “I’m sorry that you’re preparing for the storm but right now I need to bake and Instagram!”).

I then went to the food store to buy us some more “non-perishable” foods, but to also pick up my Aunt and Uncle some water and bread since they were traveling all weekend. I got a bit carried away on supplies and ended up buying all these party platters.

hurricane sandy


The storm hasn’t technically hit yet, but I already broke into most of my food. All during the same time I made Patrick bring in our already dead mums cause they were really important to me.


hurricane problems


Oy vey!  I was never meant to be a real storm chaser. Hope everyone stays safe, I’ll be here rationing my chocolate covered oreos…