Sandy, Baby, Why Why Why

hurricane sandyOKAY I’ll stop singing the Grease lyrics! Gosh, you people are so sensitive.

Anyways, as an addition to my last post, I’m at least in good company when it comes terrible storm prep.

Jen: I bought bottled water and sugar cookies but the sugar cookies were pepperidge farm and BURNT. So I’ve been really upset with that.

Me: I made banana bread and I bought brownie mix and a cheese platter. It’s like Sandy is coming over for dinner.

Jen: Actually I bought that stuff too…better get on that.

Me: I also wanted to keep my fridge basically just necessities so we have room in there. So I am eating my chocolate covered Oreos. Good start.

The next day, Jen texted me asking if I was OK because she realized I hadn’t updated Instagram in a while.

<3 Friends <3