Basement Painting 101 from Patrick

“Oh, we’re just painting the basement.”

Sounds so easy, maybe even like a quick 1-day project, right? WRONG-O MY BLOG READING FRIEND. A week later and we’re still, “painting the basement.” But I did pick up some valuable life [painting] lessons from Patrick, who’s sorta like Holmes from “Holmes on Homes” except not scary and he prefers to sing along to the blues while he’s working.

Lesson 1: Paint slowly. If you paint too fast because you’re tired, hungry, or want to decorate for Thanksgiving then you will not get good coverage and your painting partner WILL point out all the mistakes.

Lesson 2: Just because painting is tiring doesn’t mean you should drag around the paint roller like a mop. That is not real painting and that roller is expensive, fool!

Lesson 3: Be careful of the edges or you’ll get the floor paint on the wall you had already finished working on and now you’ve created more work for yourself. Or, really, your painting partner.

Lesson 4:  Do not paint yourself into a square unless you are a professional like your painting partner.

Lesson 5:  I told Patrick I wanted to paint barefoot so I would know if I stepped in paint. He looked concerned because, “if you do step in paint, you can’t take your feet off.” And he is correct.