Help Us Rebuild Jersey

My first few posts about Sandy (while I still had power) poked fun at preparing my new home for the storm and some conversations between Patrick and I.

But once we lost power, heat, and even water, I can’t find any way to even make one joke about what happened to my poor hometown during this storm.

It was just weird watching a telethon for the town I grew up in and currently purchased a home in the other night. Many Jersey born celebs asking for donations, from Brian Williams to Bruce Springsteen.

This morning over coffee I held a staff meeting for our company and talked about how we’re moving forward. During the meeting we talked about who lost their home, a car, who had to help their parents or grandparents clean out the remains of what they own. Who started a donation center, or is volunteering in their hometown.

It was incredibly hard to discuss digital marketing and clients in the midst of all of that.

So I ask that you please donate to help rebuild Jersey. Many families and businesses thrive on the summer Shore activities and if we don’t rebuild by then we could be in trouble.

Here is the link:

Thank you.