Simple Kitchen DIY

We finished the last few changes to our kitchen this weekend (at least for now). We wanted to make a big impact on the space since this is where mostly everyone hangs out but without major changes such as cabinets, countertops or floors.

The changes have been gradual over the past 2 1/2 months, but I’m very happy with where we’re at compared to our “before” picture that I took during the home inspection.

Before picture, with all the things we replaced marked out:

kitchen before

After photo, taken once the paint started to dry:

kitchen diy

So if you’re looking to spruce up your kitchen here are my suggestions:

Change the hardware. Switching out the old handles on all the cabinets gave them a fresh look for under $100.

New appliances. A big expense, but it wasn’t until the appliances that people started to comment on how different things looked. Our budget for stainless steel appliances was $2K, and we were able to easily make that. Not getting stainless steel cuts out up to $200 per piece.

Paint. What a difference 1 gallon of paint makes! We tried to take down the flower wallpaper, but it was too stubborn to leave. Instead, we spackled the seams on the paper and then painted right over it. A few hours of time and $30 was all it took.

Light fixtures. We picked up light fixtures just in Home Depot and Lowes, and switched out the three hanging lights over the counter and the ceiling fan. All the fixtures were more modern and smaller, opening up the space as well. Total cost was about $200 for all the fixtures.

A really awesome boyfriend/girlfriend/friend/partner. A must for projects where you need some extra knowledge or an extra set of hands. Without Patrick, I probably wouldn’t have done most of these changes, such as the light fixtures which just magically appeared on the ceiling when I came home from work that day.