A Bachelorette Weekend (Part 2)

The next day we started early with mimosas and breakfast danishes before our trip to the shops. The morning was a bit overcast so we walked around the shops, admired all the Florida themed critter pants and visors, and then went to lunch.

After nearly all of us ordered the amazing Crabmeat Flatbread, the table was all smiles and throwing back another round of drinks.

amelia island

All smiles…get it? HA. I know, Grandma joke. Let’s move on.

We sat out by the pool since the weather cleared up and then went back to the condo to prepare for a night in Fernandina.

On the trip to Fernandina, Stacey continued her tour and told us how the town was the same place Pippi Longstocking was filmed. There was some debate on who Pippi Longstocking was and it was confirmed that Soleil Moon Frye was not related to the pigtail girl and in fact that was an entirely separate show in an entirely separate decade. It was time for another drink.

Walking the streets of Fernandina, we ended up at a cafe with outdoor seating and an acoustic guitar player. Sangria pitchers were ordered and all was well until this guy showed up:


This cat absolutely terrorized every girl at the table and we soon realized it was sort of a pet at the restaurant and we were in fact the only ones shrieking every time the damn cat walked by. We left the restaurant for a dive bar down the road and the bar happened to have a dog roaming around. Instead of being horrified, we took photos, petted him, and encouraged his every move. Hey, cat lovers we are not. Besides, I don’t trust anyone who has eyes that glow in the dark. I also don’t trust anyone who isn’t on Facebook but that’s another post for another day.

The bartender was nice and chatted with us about our vacation weekend. We passed around sake bombs, beers and wine (quite the diverse group) before jumping in the van back to the condo. There might have been more talk about Pippi Longstocking on the way back, but my memory is a bit foggy.

bacheloretteDay three kicked off with the inflation of an cartoon penis and the unwrapping of penis straws. Hey, we might be sipping mimosas by the pool with senior citizens but this was still a bachelorette party. Carrie slipped on her Bride hat and we went back to the pool club to secure our spots for the day.

Drinks were flowing more than usual on this day and I’m pretty sure our group drank every ounce of pinot grigio that the bar owned.

That night we pregamed at the condo with John Dalys and watched the Kentucky Derby. Dinner was all sorts of fabulous and I learned what was ahead of me when Carrie’s cousin revealed that her nickname was “Liver Terminator.” Moving on to the bar, we opened the bar’s doors only to see we were basically the only ones there. That didn’t stop us from claiming nearly 10 bar stools (there were only 7 of us) and ordering rounds of Red Headed Sluts (Carrie’s favorite shot).

amelia island

The girls took over the jukebox playing a mix of Justin Timberlake and Elton John. The Liver Terminator herself was not impressed with this mix but numbed the pain with a few more glasses of wine. Conversation flowed from breast reduction surgery to Taylor Swift impressions to Carrie’s strong attraction for R&B superstar Usher.

We closed the bar that night and somehow Carrie, the bachelorette, was one of the only sober ones in the group. I’m not sure how many bachelorette parties end with the bachelorette being the DD. I think somewhere along the ride home my boss might have called Carrie and I and I think we may have abruptly hung up the phone due to the confusion of piling 7 girls into an SUV (side note for my mom: we were only driving about a mile through the compound to the condo).

There was a heated debate on whether to go to bed or to jump in the pool. The Liver Terminator announced, “Girls, I don’t know whether or not to go into the pool or to go to bed and I’ll be honest I’m really considering what to do right now.” No one heard her or responded. She went to bed.

Towels, blankets and the inflatable penis were all retrieved for the night swim. I was wrapped in a blanket in a chair while the others took the plunge. I didn’t participate but I did clap and tell Lindsay what a good job she did handing out towels to the freezing swimmers. That should count for something.

We crawled back to bed and my roommate for the night, Nicole, announced, “Well Christine our wild night is over.” On that note we put on our white noise sleep machine and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning we were able to hit the beach for a few hours before getting on the flight home. I didn’t get frisked in security but we did pass through the tall scanners rather than the metal detectors. Carrie won’t go through the scanner because of the radiation and gave me a stern lecture on how I should do the same since I travel often. Stacey was excited to pass through the machine, commenting on how it looked like a small space ship and kept telling the TSA officer how impressed she was with today’s technology. (I’m hysterically laughing as I recall her reaction and Patrick is sitting next to me wondering why I find myself so funny).

The ride home was easy but the plane was small so it was a bit bumpy at times. Carrie assured us during the landing that even though it was bumpy we were so close to the ground we probably wouldn’t die. She is truly the perfect person to soothe one’s travel fears.

It was a bittersweet homecoming, just like any other vacation, and definitely a trip worth repeating in the future.

Amelia Island, you’ve got my vote. Next time I’ll bring more Firefly Sweet Tea vodka.


A Bachelorette Weekend (Part 1)

A few months ago, Carrie asked me to join her and her closest friends in Florida for a bachelorette weekend. Hesitant about being the odd man out, I took a week or so before I committed and bought my plane tickets.

As the weeks passed, I realized that not only was I more than ready to get away for a weekend but the trip would fall only a few days after my half marathon and the end of my first grad school semester. Perfect.

I packed my bags and asked some frantic questions to the Maid of Honor about what to bring and what to wear. She was so relaxed and friendly that I actually was a little nervous about the whole thing. The day arrived and after handing in my final exam paper I headed over to Carrie’s house to crash for the night before our early flight.

Carrie brought me to my own room, turned down the bed and set up a white noise sleep machine and told me to have a good night. Clearly she was confused on who the bride was in this situation.

The next morning we piled into a car for our 9am flight. Everything was going well until we hit security.

I packed a few silly gifts for Carrie such as a Justin Bieber watch, Lady GaGa magazine and spa gift set. I wrapped it up neatly in wedding paper and somehow managed to call upon my high school math skills to fit them into my carry on bag. Walking through security, they immediately pulled me aside to tear apart my bag. About 10 minutes later, the TSA officer had unwrapped the spa gift set and removed the lotion. At least he apologized and tried to wrap up the whole thing in front of me.

We boarded the plane and most of the girls had upgraded to First Class but I decided to keep my seat in the back. This might have been a good choice since Stacey, the Maid of Honor, was handing out magazines about Bin Laden. Although, if I was up front I would have received Stacey’s welcome brochure which began with the greeting, “Good Morning Ladies” and included information about how we could schedule tennis lessons with Kelly.

Amelia IslandOur flight landed and after touring the condo we headed over to Ocean Club for lunch by the pool. Apparently there are two pool clubs on the compound we were staying at on Amelia Island. One was for the members, the other was open to the public. Since I was with the members, I like to think the other club was for the “commoners” (said in Kate Middleton voice).

The food was awesome and within 15 minutes of laying by the pool I was totally fried. I thought this was Florida, not the surface of the sun?! Thanks to terrible Jersey weather it was probably inevitable I was going to bake very quickly in the FL sun.

That night we kept it low key and had a Mexican fiesta in honor of Cinco de Mayo. We watched ‘American Idol’ and were in bed by 10pm. I was happy as a clam at this point just because 1. between school and work when was the last time I sat down and just watched TV and 2. when was the last time I was in bed by 10pm? HEAVEN.



Amelia Island Weekend

amelia islandI had a blast with these lovely ladies in Florida this weekend for Carrie’s (far right) bachelorette party.

Unfortunately the hilarious recap of the weekend is on hold until I finish my last graduate class assignment for this semester.

I know, I’m such a tease. Check back later!

Florida Bound

On Wednesday I’m handing in two final exams and heading to Carrie’s to catch a flight to Florida for her bachelorette party. I’ll be spending the weekend tanning, drinking, and eating on Amelia Island and celebrating the bride-to-be!

I took a break from finishing up my final paper to pack for the weekend and check out the weather:

florida weatherYeah, I think I can handle that.

Here’s to celebrating the end of marathon training, finishing my first semester of graduate school and summer 2011 with a weekend in Florida with some amazing people!

Happy Wednesday

Well kiddies I’m back from my vacation in Florida. No more lounging by the pool at the PGA resort or eating raw seafood dockside in Miami.

And to sum up how I’m feeling today, I give you a SomeECard sent to me by my sister: