My Vietnam Travel Story

Wanderlust and Lipstick is a fantastic travel site for women and I spoke to their founder, Beth Whitman, about doing a story about Vietnam.

I sent the story to her back in November with no response. I thought she didn’t like it so didn’t push it any further and actually posted another version of the story somewhere else.

Then, she wrote back saying that she found my email and wanted to post my work! It’s the email every writer always wants to here… “oh, I didn’t reject you I just skipped over your email and five months later found it and just had to publish you!”


Well, here it is. Click through…

Blog Giveaway!

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Wanderlust Swag

In search of travel blogs to get psyched for my Vietnam excursian, I stumbled upon Beth Whitman’s Wanderlust and Lipstick.

Beth has traveled the world, including multiple trips to Vietnam, and her entire focus is how to be safe as a woman traveler and how to do it with as little money as possible. My kind of woman.

Wanderlust and Lipstick had a giveaway and I was in total shock when I won. With just five weeks left until I pack up for 4 months in East Asia, there’s nothing like a huge box packed with travel goodies to show up at your door.

Check out the pics below of what Beth sent me. I’m thankful for the luggage lock because I would have totally forgotten to get one, and I’m eager to read her book. Scroll down past the photos for a special message…

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Happy travels, kiddies.

(Also, you can click on the pics to get a better view. Let me know if you need more info.)